People behind KITE TROTTER

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

The idea for Kite Trotter emerged across 2015 and 2016 while kite enthusiast Farid was on a year-long trip around the world.

With backpack, kite, and board in tow, Farid traveled to SE Asia, New Zealand, and Australia in search of the best experiences. Whilst overseas, however, he spent a lot of time online trying to find kite spots that were safe, offered reliable wind, and were close to nearby infrastructure such as accommodation but also communities of like-minded enthusiasts.

After then traveling to Lake Como to work as a kite instructor, he realized that other kite surfers shared similar problems. Some wanted recommendations about the best kite spots around the world, while others simply wanted to know where it was ideal to kite in winter. From these realizations, the idea for a new and intuitive platform that would solve this problem and reduce searching time became more concrete.

Fuelled by a passion to improve the kiting experience, Farid refined the idea into something more substantial once he returned to Switzerland. He envisioned a simple, intuitive platform where the kite community could quickly and easily find information about kite spots, schools, and accommodation. The platform would serve all the necessary information and feature trustworthy reviews based on the shared experience of the community.

Farid then presented his vision to various internal and external stakeholders. The primary target audience would be current and future kite enthusiasts and also globe trotters who love to travel the world. Numerous B2B partners were also identified. In addition to schools and accommodation providers, Kite Trotter would also be beneficial for kite shops, event organizations, travel companies, airlines, insurance companies, and magazine and blog publishers, among others.

During the implementation phase, the team unearthed a co-investor named Werner who also provided the impetus to make Farid’s vision a reality. In the summer of 2017, the start-up Kite Trotter AG was founded in the canton of Zug in Switzerland.

The platform itself was launched at the end of 2018, the culmination of more than two years of hard work and considerable resources invested. During that time, developers refrained from using a ready-made template to allow it to be adapted and expanded in the future. Today, Kite Trotter is a cloud-based platform that prioritizes performance, scalability, and user data protection. It was also important for the cloud provider to promote social and environmental governance criteria. To that end, Kite Trotter’s provider utilizes green energy and donates a portion of its revenue to charitable causes.

Most of all, Kite Trotter is a platform for existing as well as future kite and wing surfers, developed by such enthusiasts. Kite Trotter brings people together and shares the passion of this incredible travel and adventure sport by helping them to experience the world and find places they would never experience in any other way.

It encompasses around 2,800 kite spots, 610 kite schools, 280 kite shops, and 230 accommodation providers worldwide. Users have access to a wealth of spot information such as weather statistics and live forecasts from several sources. The platform also features reviews and a comprehensive search function with different parameters. For example, an individual can search for kite schools based on preferences such as lesson type or languages spoken. They can also search for kite spots according to water type, outfit, and rider type.

Kite Trotter also serves as a place where businesses can market their products and services to a core target audience of kite and wing sports enthusiasts and generate viable leads in the process. Users, on the other hand, have access to all the information they need in one place. In this way, Kite Trotter connects both parties and creates a true win-win-win situation for all.

We are a small but mighty and passionate team that loves to bring people closer to this beautiful sport and lifestyle. With our professional approach and extensive knowledge, we help people find their kite experience and provide them with a platform to connect with providers within and outside the community and vice versa.

As a multi-cultural and open-minded team, we leverage our diversity and expertise to realise our vision as efficiently as possible. This vision is realized remotely from all over the world and around constraints related to our regular day jobs.


Founder and owner

Farid is a committed entrepreneur, IKO instructor and
experienced engineer who puts his heart and passion into his
daily work. In addition to KITE TROTTER, he is responsible as
Head of IT for managing the IT for the administration, schools,
fire brigade and retirement home of an entire Swiss

Viki and Zolty

Digital Marketing

Our true social media marketing experts, Viki and Zolty
increase our brand awareness, drive valuable traffic to
our platform and help build the community. On top of
that, they hop between seasons and destinations around
the world as IKO head instructor and yoga teacher


Database & On-Boarding Manager

With her excellent attention to detail and quality, Olena
keeps the content, information and databases of our
platform up to date and continuously expands it. Besides
this, she is also an English teacher and a lovely mother.

UX Design

Moana, Didier, Philipp & more

Based on Farid’s vision, our CI/CD, UX design and icon language were created and
designed in Switzerland by the very talented and creative Moana, Didier & Philipp.

In the meantime, we have had additional assistance from various UX freelancers
who follow our defined and existing UX design and CI/CD specifications.


iFlair & Frontline Utilities

For the development and operation of our platform, we have been working
successfully with iFlair’s professional and experienced team for many years.

In addition, we count on the expert knowledge of Frontline Utilities who
support and advise us on development and technology topics.

Our Values

Building a culture across long distances with various language and cultural differences and the demands of our regular jobs can be challenging. This is especially true for our freelancers and external business partners.

To succeed, we continuously strive for long-term partnerships characterized by cooperation and win-win-win situations. We emphasise cordial, respectful, open, trusting and transparent communication which incorporates a critical and reflective attitude, constructive feedback, and a commitment to never promise something we cannot fulfil.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a simple, intuitive, and valuable platform for members of the kite community. The KITE TROTTER platform will enable them to access the information they need to enhance their kite experience in one place and generate valuable leads for businesses within and outside the

Our Mission

We help people find their kite and wing experience and empower business owners and partners to meet their target group, grow their business, and build lasting relationships, friendships and memories.

Are you stoked about kite and wing surfing and have some ideas that would have a positive impact on our journey?

Become a KITE TROTTER ambassador who empowers and supports the entire kite and wing community on and off the water with full passion! We are always looking for enthusiasts who share the same mindset and mission as we do. So why not complete the ambassador application form below and tell us a little about yourself.

Here are the individuals, kite surfers and instructors who are bringing our platform closer to kite sports enthusiasts and providers within and outside the community.


Ambassador & Co-Investor


Werner is an old fox with 35 years of CEO experience in 4
EU countries and Silicon Valley (USA). He is currently
enjoying his retirement by travelling the world working as
a kite instructor and possesses strong life energy and
communication skills. Werner is also a talented cook.

Betty, Gab & Tigy



Betty, Gab & Tigy are living the van life in Europe as
VDWS kite & yoga instructors in summer and snowboard
instructors in winter.

The KITE TROTTER affiliate program enables you to earn an attractive commission for every customer and provider you refer to us who makes a qualified purchase.

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How does the KITE TROTTER affiliate program work?

As a KITE TROTTER affiliate, you earn money by promoting products and services on our platform to others with personalized links.

When you refer a customer or provider to us and they make a qualifying purchase, we attribute the referral to you and compensate you accordingly.

How am I compensated in this program?

For each qualifying purchase, booking, or subscription, you receive a commission based on order volume and the provider membership level chosen. Please see the table below for our exact commission structure.

Who is eligible to participate?

Approved bloggers, publishers, content creators, influencers, kite and wing instructors, ambassadors and those from the community with a qualifying website or established social media following are eligible to participate in the affiliate program.

Many generous individuals within and outside the community further our cause in a variety of ways. These include having an open ear, helping us to improve by sharing constructive feedback and expertise, spreading the word about us or joining the sport itself.

We’re especially appreciative of our families, friends, partners, and supporters for their understanding and patient nature which gives us the strength and time to devote to our vision.

Many thanks to all of you – we appreciate it very much.

A special thanks to:

  • All our families, partners and friends.
  • All team members, ambassadors, providers, brands, athletes and people within and outside the community and sport.
  • Werner and family.
  • Chris, Fi and the whole 414 Kiting family –
  • Viki and Zolty –
  • Lopa, Mike, Jinal, Viral and the whole iFlair team –
  • Moana –
  • Didier and Philipp –
  • Richard –
  • Marco and the whole BigDayz team –
  • Oliver –
  • Reto Steinmann –
  • Raphael and Willi Luchs –
  • Myrtha, Sandra and all participants and organisers of the CAS Digital Business Innovation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
  • All kiters, wing foilers, windsurfers, wave riders and travellers we met and got to know along our journey.

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