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iubenda helps you with the legal requirements, so you can focus on the business.

Attorney-level solutions to make your websites and apps compliant with the law across multiple countries and legislations.

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A 360° solution to make your sites and apps compliant with the law

A complete set of solutions to make your website or app compliant with the law, across multiple languages and legislations.

Make your sites & apps legally compliant across multiple languages and legislations (including the GDPR) with our lawyer-crafted, self-updating solutions.

iubenda offers compliance software for websites, apps, and organizations with attorney-level solutions to help becoming compliant with the law across multiple countries, languages and legislations, featuring remote and automatic updates handled by the international team of lawyers. iubenda’s products include a privacy policy and cookie policy generator with over 1600 legal clauses included, a comprehensive cookie solution to comply with the EU cookie law, an internal privacy management solution, and a consent solution.

iubenda is optimized for all customer scenarios including app, e-commerce, startup, SaaS, publisher, blog, personal or enterprise site. Users can choose from over 1600 pre-crafted clauses in 8 languages or, add their own custom clauses using the built-in form or place a request. Users can even add a cookie policy in just one click. All of iubenda’s documents help users comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. iubenda’s team of lawyers constantly work to keep the business’ documents up-to-date with the main international legislations, to notify users of major upcoming changes and to present them with one-click solutions.

Users can manage multiple documents and websites via a single dashboard which allows them to monitor, edit and update all of their policies for all of their sites, from one convenient location. Policies are automatically synced so there’s no risk of inconsistent updates or definitions between privacy and cookie policies generated using iubenda.

iubenda is trusted by 80,000+ customers in over 100 countries.


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