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It’s been a long and bumpy road but we did it. Thanks to your trust and support, Kitecomix desk calendar has been born.

I’m so excited to introduce you – “Kitecomix desk calendar”. I put all my kitesurf creativity and humor in this piece. It is a full collection of all my comics merged in one calendar without year relating and made in Ukraine. It is 365 unique, colorful, kitesurfing comics for everyday smiles. And this piece of joy could be on your table too.

Kitecomix desk calendar made from high quality materials and offset printinghas a best quality offset printed.

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The story

Kitecomix is the work of one person, me – Nick Shevchenko, sales manager, kite instructor, travel’s organizator and just a creative Ukrainian guy. Back in 2017, one evening after a full day of teaching, I created some comics about funny situations that always happen in a kite instructor’s life and immediately got nice feedback among kiters, so that evening Kitecomix was born.

Since then, I have drawn many comics with kitesurf humor, which speaks only to kiter’s. It was a true story of kite instructor’s and other kiters’ everyday life, funny and ridiculous moments, different situations on the beach found from my observation, kitesurfing slang, quotes and so on. And every kiter has found himself or their friends somehow relate to these comics and they get a good laugh.

You can visit my instagram to see more comics https://www.instagram.com/kitecomix/

Then, there were ups and downs, life has been constantly changing, but I always try to find a time to create.

The idea to make kitecomix printed always been in my mind. More than a year ago one kiter suggested me to make a tear off calendar on 365 days. Even though I found it as a great idea, I move it for later to some other day in the future. “When I have time” – I thought. And the project got lost in my giant waiting list.

But February 2022 in Ukraine has changed everything. All my plans, waiting lists and all thoughts about the future were destroyed just over night. And I realized the sad truth, that many of our plans might never happen.

After weeks of panic, losses, fear and family care I decided to open my waiting list and push my plans into life.

All Ukrainians today united as never before, we helped each other and I am not an exception. But reality is, we need resources to be able to help. This was another push to start making this project real. As I want to transfer 50% of all profit from calendar sales to support Ukraine.

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